Friday, January 22, 2010

More on "Sea Midge"

The reason I brought SM up is that I had the occation to bring her back down to the Bay area.
 The boat is in my small shop and staying dry. I can now see what a rough job I made of it last winter.
There are large gaps at the chine and I do need to cover the ends. A keel and skeg need machining.
Most of the screws need recessing..

SM on the "water" last year

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Sea Midge

 Last year I spent 4 months up in Sequim Washington.
  I was up there to help with my mom. The 91 year old dear had a couple bad falls and complications from knee surgery.
  It was one of the stormingist winters that they had had in 20 years.
   While I shared the comfort of her house I desided to start a new boat. I searched on line and decided on  "The Sea Midge"

Using hand tools and bad judgement I look back at this as a learning experience