Friday, November 6, 2009

A kick in the gut

 I feel compelled to write about the shooting at Ft. Hood . Again the insanity shakes us. My concern is for the moral of the people in service. I recall sitting in Namn and hearing stories of guys being shot by american citizens. Other tails of friendly fire, which wasn't, in country. I recall the feeling of betrayal, anger and the need for oblivion in drink.
   In this case it was a Major in my army. A person I would have been  obliged to blindly follow. I have had experience with a military superior threatening soldiers ..

   I reflect that a majority of the men and women I served with were the finest people that I ever met.

  Anyway  Remember Vets. Day

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Time has come today

I think that a more global perspective would be useful. The clock you see to the left hand column is set to UTC, formerly known as Greenwich mean time (GMT) or Zulu time.

I have been playing chess with a friend in Pakistan for some 8 years now. Things have changed . More there then here, to say the least. Ramadan, Lent. Similarities are undeniably.